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Министерство здравоохранения Республики Башкортостан. Государственное бюджетное учреждение здравоохранения Республиканский кардиологический центр
450106, г.Уфа, ул. Ст. Кувыкина, 96. Контакт-центр: +7 (347) 286-28-76 Email: ufa.rkc@doctorrb.ru

Republican cardiological center

20 января 2023

Republican cardiological center

The Republican cardiological center is a large specialized medical institution equipped with the necessary modern interventional and diagnostic utility to provide, in full, cardiological and high-tech cardiac surgical care to the population of the Republic Bashkortostan.

The Republican Cardiology Center is a leading medical institution in the region that is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Behind these words lies a lot: the health of thousands of people; professionalism of specialists with vast experience; unique high-tech equipment.

The cardiocentre today is a hospital for 508 beds, a polyclinic for 250 visits per day. Modern high-tech equipment of expert class for examination of patients and treatment by both therapeutic and surgical methods, including angioplasty and stenting, coronary bypass, radio frequency ablation, installation of electrocardiostimulators.

Special attention in the center is paid to complex and rare forms of diseases, detection of the disease in the early stages, which makes it truly unique.

More than 20 new types of operational interventions are developed and introduced annually. Unique developments have been introduced into endural surgery — stenting of carotid arteries, surgical treatment of congenital heart defects, endolar implantation of aortic valve. Heart transplant. This is one of the most difficult operations, but at the same time it is extremely demanded. Since 2013, more than 20 such operations have been carried out.

The most important thing in the center is not equipment or premises at all. The most important thing is the unique staff. Today, the center employs 926 employees. Of these, 267 are doctors, including 1 Honored Doctor of Russia, 19 Honored Doctors of RB, 4 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 32 Candidates of Medical Sciences, 1 Honored Health Worker of the Russian Federation. It is the qualification of doctors that allows the center to remain in the top five clinics of Russia for cardiosurgical medical care and to perform the whole range of cardiosurgical interventions.

Now the construction of a new surgical building for 135 beds is at its height  with a total area of over 30,000 square meters. This means that in the near future even more patients will be able to receive the most important thing — a healthy heart.

Address: 450106, Ufa, St. Kuvykina, 96.

Travel: all types of public transport to the bus stop «Institute of occupational diseases».

Email: ufa.rkc@doctorrb.ru

Official website:  http://rkdb.ru/

Information: +7 (347) 286-28-76

Reception: +7 (347) 255-64-44

Adult cardiosurgery: +7 (347) 255-39-03

Children’s cardiosurgery : +7 (347) 255-93-11

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